Tuesday, September 16, 2014

" Who is Oscar "

I don’t know anyone named Oscar, Do you know Oscar? Who the hell is Oscar!
Was he one of them people that is found drinking beer all day long, in one of them joints just outside of town? How can he do that, he has no job and no home that is known.
No one knows much about him, was he married, was he in the army or what? Was he wounded and unable to work! If so, which branch of the service was he in and where did he serve?
This group of citizens (A ladies club and town gossips) had missed this guy some- how and he slipped right through their fingers. They must have been really busy with gossiping about someone else. 
Oscar wasn’t anyone special. He just didn’t take to doing hard labor or punching in on a time clock from nine to five. He wasn’t interested in the regular entertainment, like movies, parties or sports. He preferred to set alone on a bar stool sipping cold beer. But this wasn’t something that he did on a regular basis.
He had a good education and came from a good family, He was too young to serve in any war and smart enough not to enlist. What money he earned, came from investments, which he was good at.  He treated women like slaves. He only socialized with one other person. He was always home and in bed at an early hour. He never attended church and wasn’t interested in being a member of any club.
He advised one friend, to invest in a certain stock, and that person went on to become a multi- millionaire. And this person was a lot like Oscar.  They both sent large amounts of money to an Eastern country.
This group of ladies were digging fast and furiously, to learn whatever they could, about Oscar, but if anyone knew anything about him, they weren’t talking, the lack of information was terribly distressing for the group.  Now, since his name was being bounced around, people were hearing his name for the first time and that did cause some curiosity, but this was soon forgotten.  
There was something about Oscar that no one could put a finger on. He was Un-like most men, he appeared to be a loner and his manner left nothing to be desired. Yet his actions were that of a hostile maladjusted person. Maybe that made him appear kind of mysterious to some, yet his actions and movements set him apart from most men. One didn’t feel comfortable or safe being around him.  He really didn’t stand out among others, yet one could pick him out in a crowd.  
His parents and siblings were common ever day average people with a nice home and they had all the things that a family required. They were able to do about whatever they wanted to do. The family went on vacation together each year and always to the same place. It was said that the grand-parents came from Afghanistan, or some other country in the Far East. They were farmers in up-state Pennsylvania until they retired. They kept to themselves while living in this country and little was known about them. The children were all Home Schooled and spoke a foreign language along with English.
One year, the IRS became interested in Oscar’s tax return and found that most of his income was being sent to an organization in the East. During this investigation, Oscar left the country and became a member of a Terrorist group. He was last seen dressed all black, with black hood covering his head and face, standing over a man with a sword in hand!
Maybe you should check out your neighbors and find out about others in your 
City or Town. And you don’t have to join any Ladies group to do this, you just can’t trust anyone these days...Don’t forget to check out your spouse, kids and parents!                   
Yeah, It’s me again.
Sept. 16, 2014

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