Saturday, August 30, 2014

"Could this be our future"

Over the river and through the woods, to Grandmother’s house we go and no encounter with the big bad wolf or bandits of any kind!  But there was a problem when we got to the toll gate. They wanted us to pay $20.00 a pound to cross over to the other side and pay homage to their God Olalla.   
Of course we refused and told them this was a free country and we could travel any place in this country that we wanted to! Not any more, was their reply! This country is under new management and there are new laws that have to be obeyed. That was when the shooting started. One of us was wounded, then drug into the bushes and tortured. Then they drug him back from the bushes unconscious and dropped him in front of us. The leader said, let this be a lesson to you.  Now go back to where you came from!
We couldn’t tell if the injured person was dead or not, but he needed a doctor really bad.
Our beloved country was gone and we didn’t even know about it. We heard that this could happen, but we thought, “NO Way”, no one could take this country away from us, but they did and not a shot was fired. Our leader were in prison, some were dead, others were being hunted down and tortured and then they just disappeared.
We should have paid more attention to what was going on, but thought we were so strong that nothing could happen to us. We were wrong! We were taken from within, they came to this country one by one and it all happened so fast, at the same time as they were really organized and we paid little attention to them. Yes, you and I gave our country to them, on a silver and gold platter, with flowers.
Now you have to live and obey the laws of the new masters. You do the work that is assigned to you or you lose your head. You are told when, how and what to do every little minute of your life. You no longer are free to think for yourself, the word, freedom is no longer used in any conversation, and if you are caught looking sideways, you are punished!
In The Harbor Of New York City, On The Statue Of Liberty, it is Written,   Send us your Sick, you’re Tired, your Poor and your Young….
By; Ben R. 

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