Thursday, August 28, 2014

"Do You Care? "

Who cares, do you care? Sometimes I don’t give a damn which way it goes. But I am concerned, the way things are going! All those Deadbeats, in Congress need to be replaced, but where do you find the good people to replace them with?
Did you know, once you serve in the Senate or Congress, even if it is for just one term, they have it made for the rest of their lives. We need people that are there for the right reasons, not just for the money.
We need a Leader in the White House. Where did this guy, which is in the Oval Office now, come from? He has sure made a mess out of things and I believe he is working for some other country and not the citizens of the United States of America.
If you voted for him, ask yourself why? If you did, you sure wasn’t thinking very clearly, on that Election Day!
A lot of People never think or bother to check a canadate out for any election. They just vote and think they are doing their duty. If one doesn’t know what they are doing, they should leave it alone. This is where and why, the danger come in. It is like, putting your trust in a wild animal, not unlike a mad dog or a wild Buffalo.
The people of this country are not remembering what our country is all about and why men have given their lives to keep it free. There are too many uneducated people in this country. They just set back and let someone else take care of things for them. People getting assistance of any kind, need to be tested, before they are allowed to vote. If they are brain dead, then be sure that they understand why and what they are doing! A vote is a dangerous thing in the wrong hands!
Some people, even those with a Collage degree don’t understand what they are doing, they vote and call themselves good citizens. Select your canadate carefully, there have been just too many mistakes made already. What is good for the Nation, may not be good for you, this is why the Majority wins over the Minority. We all learn from our mistakes or we should, but we all learn to live with what we do.
This country belongs to you and me and we are responsible for what is happening to it.
Think and think again and when you are sure, than act.
As for being Brain Dead, I am half way there, I am just not understanding why or what is going on. Do You ? ‘WILL WE SURVIVE’ or, Are we going down for the third time?
It is in your hands, this time, do it right!
Do away with Democrats and Republicans, All they do is disagree and use slander and fight with each other. Become an American Citizen of America.
Let’s take our Country Back!
An Outlander in a boat,

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