Monday, July 14, 2014

"When the moon was Green and Moldy"

Yes, it did happen once and it will happen again, how do I know, well I have a direct line on history and know more about you, than you want me to know. Should I talk or would you like to buy me off?  Half of your income each month, will do for a start.
Do you dare not to believe me, then go ahead and gamble?  Gamblers only win, one tenth of a thousandth of a moments, in a life time. In fact, they win more after death than they do in their living time. If you are dead, you already know this!
Winners always die first and try to take their losses with them. There is only one lane to travel, and it goes one way, forward!  The winnings always stay here, for the poor and the Government, after the IRS has reviewed your tax filings from the beginning!  
People with money, have paid for your privileges, since the beginning. Your laziness and lack of education is what has kept you poor or on welfare since, Moses parted the ocean to set his people free. If you think that, what I say is untrue, go ahead and check it out.
The Devil has several names, one of them is the same as yours, Repent and give away your fortune, I, will send an address, of where to send it to. You need not pay it in a lump sum, payments can be arraigned and of course, there will be interest to pay. 
“Who the Hell am I”, Well, I will soon be the richest person on earth and keeping an eye on the poor!  Move over Lucifer, I’m taking over.

Would you like a table for two or a larger party? 
I'm Just looking out for my own interests,
By; You know who
June 2014

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