Tuesday, September 2, 2014

"As the world turns"

As the world turns, some things are being lost!  They are the important things in our lives and you don’t even know they are missing. Wake up, take a look around, and open your eyes wide, can you see it now?
Have you noticed how dim the sun shine is getting or how thin the air is?  The winter is colder and the heat has been turned down. The blanket that you have been using has gotten so thin it will no longer keep you warm!
Nothing tastes like it once did, quality is being reduced, too many of the good parts are being removed and portions are getting smaller and shorter measurements, are being used.  Chemicals are being used to grow foods faster and bigger, are they healthy?
The cost is getting higher and our dollars are worth less. Isn’t it about time you did something about this? That look on your face, is asking, what can I do? Think, that is why God gave you a brain. “Think simple”, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Simple things work the best and are not misunderstood.
Stop buying, and tell your supplier why you are not going to buy from them anymore.  The only time they feel anything, is when their pocketbook grows thin and gets light in weight.  Tell your friend and those in your family, to stop buying and the word will travel and get to the suppliers!
If you are one that is starving while working for the minimum, tell your employer that the wage you receive determines the quality and amount of work,that you do. With a living wage, you wouldn’t have to work two jobs and your work would probably improve one hundred percent!  
Workers don’t have to belong to a union if they work together, they can win the battle for a living wage. Be in charge of your own life, don’t let the boss tell you how you have to live. Take control of your own life! Together, you can turn the system around. The working people can be in control. Brown nosing and Ass Kissing are out and those that do it will soon be gone.  Point your finger at the guilty and let them know they are going to vanish or change their ways.
Be strong and don’t smile while taking charge of your own lives, one step backwards means and it will take five steps to get back to where you were! Be firm and precise in what you say and do! You can’t change black to white, but you can change white to black.
By; Ben R.
Sept. 1.2014



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