Thursday, September 4, 2014

"Be yond your normal thinking"

I am sure you have all heard others say things like. (“If you don’t use it you will lose it”) Have you noticed when you haven’t been using a certain mussel in your body for some time, and when you do, it hurts and sometime gets sore? Well, that is about how my brain has been working, so I have decided to exercise it and use it in a broader range. This, you will notice in some of my latest writings.

When you ask yourself questions that you have never heard anyone ask before on things beyond ones everyday thoughts, it causes you to think in a different pattern. Something beyond our normal thinking pattern. Most of you, don’t do this because you are too busy thinking of simpler things, like why is the sky blue or why are the winters cold. What color should a certain item be? Things that really don’t matter or make a difference.

Those things I am talking about, are never taught or studied in school and then only in certain areas of advanced subject study.  Some of these things could have been asked by a child, at an early age. They really didn’t want to know the answer, they were just learning to talk.

Most people are unable to think that far out of the box. What you don’t understand, you never talk about. When it comes to something you do know, you are a regular chatter box. Well, that’s the way it has been with myself. The only time you talk about things you don’t know about, is when you are in an argument with your spouse or a sibling. Or maybe when you are trying to make a young person think that you know ever thing.

With a really good imagination, this is easy for some people to do! Others have to work at it!  I could tie my shoes at the age of four. Now I have a brain full of space with no obstructions to be found.  Did I just say I had a  hollow space in my head?

 I am running low on yet to be invented fuel, so I will wait here for instructions.

By; Ben R.
Sept. 4 ,2014

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